GRP Fibreglass Roofing in Telford & Throughout Shropshire

GRP Fibreglass roofing in Telford is probably our most preffered choice of flat roofing material.  It is extremely robust to all the weather elements, and also cost effective in the longterm as they easily last over 30 years. This material for roofing also is more appealing to the eye and the advancement in fibreglass roofing means it is less prone to forming any future unexpected leaks.

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Benefits of fibreglass roofing

A fibreglass roof is fully bonded which removes the need to have seams, joints or welds which increases the possibility of your home remaining leak free. This type of material also has a greater appearance than other material and can come in 3 colours to choose from. It is also an extra layer of security because it cannot be cut with a knife like felt a felt roof and a few other alternatives.

The roof can also be built with a strong structural integrity so you are able to walk on it for use as a balcony or roof garden which can give you a lot of extra space that otherwise would be unavailable. This can also increase the value of your property as you have effectively added more space to your property. If this is the roof you want there are two non-slip options that you are able to choose from to make it easy to walk on.

Fibreglass Roofing Guarantees

Some of the Fibreglass GRP products that you can buy have very long guarantees, some even going to 20 years. However, this should not be taken as a safety back-up in case something goes wrong. This is because the guarantee is just for the product itself and that is very unlikely to become damaged if it is installed correctly. As there are many steps involved in installing GRP fibreglass roofing in Telford it is advised that you only used experience roofers like us to ensure that you have a long lasting roof without any problems.

If you understand the basics of using fibreglass as a roofing system it can make it a lot easier to make a more informed choice about the options you have available.

Installation of a fibreglass Roof

When we install GRP fibreglass roofing in Telford we make sure that the temperature is not below 5 degrees this is to ensure that all the resins and adhesives set correctly. Decking boards are also used under the fibreglass to help give it structural support and allow it to be easily anchored in place. Remember that when you are quoted for a roof that it may only include taking the roof off and adding the fibreglass. If any of the underlying decking needs replacing it may cost you extra so add that into consideration if the roof is old or has any damp patches.