Felt Roofing in Telford & Throughout Shropshire

Felt roofing in Telford is just one of the many options that you have when you need to replace or install your roof. It is made up of a few key components including bitumen which gives the product rigidity, tear resistance and a base product that is used to help with it being waterproof.

Benefits of Felt Roofing in Telford

One main benefit of this Felt roofing in Telford is that they move with the structure which means that they are less likely to break or tear under the light stress that may be cause as a new house is settling. As bitumen is a key component in the felt material it goes it added rigidity and makes such it does not absorb water or allow water to pass through.

Felt roof products also have a long lifespan if properly maintained by just occasionally checking to make sure that there aren’t any leaks or holes in the material. As they are made in certain lengths and widths then overlapped to maintain integrity they can be applied on any size of roof, small or large.

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What Type to Use?

When you are choosing what type to use make sure you go for a heavy duty felt to make sure it has a long term weatherproofing effect. It usually comes in 2 different ratings, 15 pounds or 30 pound and the 30 pound one is twice is strong. If you are only covering something light such as a shed, the 15 pound covering may be sufficient for your needs.

If the roof felting does happen to tear or rip then all you have to do is cut a piece that is large enough to cover the problem area. Make sure that there is a lot of room to overlap and then nail or stick it into place with adhesive and that should help quickly prevent any further leaks. Also remember that when you are doing the repair to not stand on the new piece of felt or any unsecure sheets as it can slide and cause you to fall off the roof and may result in injury.

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