Garage Conversions in Telford

Quality Garage Conversions in Telford – Garages often become storage areas for half-empty pots of paint, lawn mowers, bikes and flat tyres. The potential of this lifeless space is often ignored and that can be a huge oversight – when you consider that extra livable space and the value it can add to your house!

From addressing planning applications, building regulations and designing your garage conversion, through to manufacture and installation – we manage the entire process of converting a garage into more living space from start to finish.

Whatever you want to use the extra space for we’re able to help plan your garage conversions in Telford with over 40 years of trading behind us.

The choices for garage conversions in Telford are almost endless below are some suggestions to get you started:

    • Lounge room
    • Sleeping quarters with or without en-suite facilities
    • Rec room
    • Home office/study
    • Kitchen/utility room
    • Dining area
    • Home cinema

Did you know?

A regular single garage is around 150 ft sq. and that’s too small to fit a family saloon car (and be able to open the doors!) but that’s a lot of extra livable space if you convert it as an integral part of your home.

For those with a double garage the best solution may sit in what we call a ‘part conversion’ where typically the front or rear of the garage might be kept to house the lawn mower or your bicycle whilst the rest of the garage is converted into a usable room.

If you have got to the point where you and your household have outgrown your current home and you need more living space then typically the initial thing you will consider is simply moving.Then you may look at converting your loft or garage or even constructing a brand new extension.

The reality is however that moving might not be an option and thus ‘typical’ garage conversions in Telford that could cost just £10,000 may be the better choice.

Increase the valuation on your home
It’s worth noting at this stage that a conversion to a house will in most cases increase the value of your home by some level.

In the case of a garage conversions it is accepted that you can expect an increase of approximately 10% to the overall price of your property.

If you want an extra bedroom why move house and pay all those fees such as stamp duty, solicitor’s costs and removal costs when you can simply convert your garage.

For less money than you imagine you could have an extra bedroom downstairs for a teen or an elderly relative and garage conversions in Telford can even have their own en-suite facilities with a bathtub, sink and toilet.

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New Bedroom
The potential for converting the garage area into a new bedroom and bathroom is definitely an elegant solution when growing ages makes sprinting up and down the stairs challenging.

It is also becoming very popular to convert garages into a granny annex/self contained flat for a teenager or elderly relative.

New kitchen
You could choose to take the opportunity to use the extra room from the garage conversion to put in the kitchen that they have always dreamt about. With room not only to cook but to eat and talk while looking out onto the garden.

We can also supply and fit your new kitchen ensuring that your home improvements run smoothly. With a typical garage conversion taking only 10 days and a little planning you could have a new kitchen fitted within 3 weeks!


Home office
We live in a changing world and with today’s technologies some people are taking the opportunity to do business from home rather than take on the day-to-day battle of the traffic jam, delayed trains and expensive rail season tickets.

No manager looking over your shoulder, office politics or depressing commute can sound like a dream for many individuals but when you decide to turn that dream into a reality then you should let the garage conversion company help you.

All the specialists will tell you that if you are working from home then it is imperative that you keep your home and work life apart, and by converting your garage into a purpose built home office you’re able to do exactly that.

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